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SHR Pine Ridge's Roguish Ryley WC

ryley picture  ryley picture

Ryley is a medium sized female lab. She has Boundless energy and is a fine retriever as well as upland hunter. She has a fervent desire to please and loves to work. Her pedigree contains numerous Field Champions, Hunting Retriever Champions and Master Hunters.

  •  DOB: 08-06-07

  •  Hips: Excellent

  •  Elbows: Normal

  •  Eyes: CERF Clear

 •  EIC: Clear

 •  Sire: SHR Pine Ridge Collect on Delivery JH, WC

 •  Dam: SHR Golden Willow WInd Runner



Pine Ridge's Hunters Star JH, WC "Chara"

chara picture  chara picture

Chara is a younger sister of our B.B., from the same parents but a different litter. She is a medium sized, energetic and intelligent lab, with a terrific temperment. Chara has earned her Junior Hunter title and is training for her Senior Hunter title. She hunts with tremendous drive and intensity, yet is a very calm and loving companion at home.

  •  DOB: 06-16-09

  •  Hips: Good

  •  Elbows: Normal

 •  ElC: Clear

 •  Eyes: CERF Clear

 •  Sire: SHR Pine Ridge Collect on Delivery JH, WC

 •  Dam: URSA II



Pine Ridge's Carolina Girl  "Keri"

keri picture

Keri is a small/medium female lab. She is very intelligent and loves to hunt or play.

  •  DOB: 03-25-07

  •  Hips: Borderline

  •  Elbows: Normal

 •  Eyes: CERF Clear

 •  Sire: Barnes Twelve Guage Shotgun MH

 •  Dam: Grand River Pretty Pricilla SH



Final Retrieves at the Rainbow Ridge


SHR Meg’s Pine Ridge Raven  JH, WC

(04/27/2000 - 09/26/2012)

raven picture

Raven was a terrific hunter and hunt test competitor. She was injured at a young age, which ended her hunting career. However, she never lost her bouncy enthusiasm and zest for retrieving. Raven had several litters and many of her offspring are now part of our kennel. She was a wonderful family pet  and will always have a place in our hearts.



SHR Tenton's Boom Shacaloaka JH   "Bess"

(05/14/1997 - 06/29/2011)

bess picture  bess picture

Bess was a super competitor and Hunter. Her hunt test and trial career ended early due to two ruptured cruciate ligaments caused by her intense drive and determination to go up, over or through any obstacle. As an upland hunter she was known to leap more than six feet straight up to grab an escaping rooster pheasant. She wasn't our first hunting retriever but she was the first that we ran in Licensed Field Tests.  She always earned enthusiastic applause for her work at tests, and she qualified in every test she entered.  Rest well, girl.



SHR Pine Ridge's Midnight Rose WC

(01/07/2001 - 08/29/2010)

rose picture  rose picture

Rose had a wonderful temperament, mild manner, and great friendliness.  Even with her calm demeanor, she was a driven and enthusiastic upland hunter.  She excelled at finding, flushing and retrieving pheasants for clients at several hunt clubs.  Even if the bird was only wing clipped and sailed off several hundred yards, you could bet Rose would return with it. She had six litters of pups and produced many fine hunters, titled dogs and loved family pets.  



Pine Ridge's Nick of Time   "Nicky"

(2002 - 2010)

nick of time picture

Nikki was gentle yet energetic, and loved to retrieve. Her Pedigree contains such dogs as GMHR Southland Leroy Brown, FC AFC Westwinds Bold Tiger, and NFC Storm's Riptide Star. She was an excellent mother and great pet.



Pine Ridge's Sunrise Shelby JH, WC

(08/25/2002 - 10/27/2008)

shelby picture

Shelby's name fit her perfectly. Her calm temperament blended with bouncy enthusiasm were like a beautiful sunrise. She loved to hunt and compete. She was a terrific mother and devoted companion and pet. She was handled to her Junior Hunter Titile by Andrea Murray, who was twelve years old at the time. Andrea and Shelby were a fine team. Her life was short, but she left many fond memories and we'll not forget her.



Pine Ridge Abby


Swiss Mocha Chocolate


Abby and Mocha picture

Abby: The daughter of our first lab, Dutchess. She was a fine hunter and companion. At the age of five she went to live with close friends, Bill and Deb Kriese in Wisconsin. The Kriese family already had a male litter mate of Abby named Lightning. The two dogs became good buddies and family pets. Abby enjoyed many years of pheasant hunting in the Wisconsin fields with Bill.

Mocha: Our first chocolate lab, came to us when she was four years old. She was a good hunter with a typical great lab temperament. She had one litter of pups at Pine Ridge, and then went to live with the Hawes family, Dave, Dee, Anna, and J.D., in Missouri. She lived a very long and happy life as a devoted and loved family pet.



Duchess of Pimlico

(03/05/1990 - 07/15/1997)

duchess picture

Duchess was our first lab and the reason that Pine Ridge Kennel exists today. Her pedigree was "pet quality" but she thought that she was a field champion. She absolutely loved to hunt and she was a fantastic pet and companion. Duchess was one of those "once in a lifetime" dogs. Days spent afield with Duchess and evenings with her lying at my feet covinced me that I always would want a lab to be part of my life.



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