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Advance reservations are encouraged because of our limited boarding spaces.. All dogs accepted for boarding must have:


•  Rabies certificate

•  Proof of current license

•  Proof of distemper, parvo, and bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination. All vaccinations must have been administered at least 5 days prior to boarding.

•  Rates: $17.00 a day. The day of dropoff and pickup count as a full day regardless of the time.  We offer a multi-dog discount.

  Food:  Owner should supply the dog's food.  We can provide food (Iams or Eukanuba) for $2.00 a day.

 Drop-offs and pick-ups are by appointment only between 8:00a.m. and 7:00p.m.


Our kennel building features heated and air conditioned indoor/outdoor runs.  Each dog has a 25 square foot indoor section and a 50 square foot outdoor section.  The runs are equipped with self operated doors so the dogs can go in and out as they please.  Each run also has a Kuranda bed.

kennel picture  kennel picture

Most dogs are fed twice a day, but this can be modified according to the owners desires.  Fresh water is always available to the dogs, and out of run exercise and play periods are held at least twice daily.  In accordance with state licensing requirements, all runs are sanitized daily.

kennel picture


Training Programs

*Vaccination and license requirements are the same as for boarding.
* Training Rate: $23.00 a day. The training rate includes boarding and food.


Kuranda Dog Beds - Rethinking dog beds

Click above for more information on Kuranda beds


All Breed Basic Obedience:

We offer a one month basic obedience program where the dog stays at our facility for a one month period and learns the HERE, SIT, STAY, PLACE, KENNEL, and HEEL commands. They are also taught leash walking and appropriate social behaviors. While we strongly recommend the "in-kennel" training program, we can also arrange for owner/dog lessons or shorter term in-kennel programs.

training picture  training picture


Hunting Retriever and Pointing Bird Dog:

training picture  training picture

At Pine Ridge Kennels we have been training retrievers for 17 years as waterfowl and upland gun dogs, as well as for AKC and UKC hunt tests. We specialize in training your hunting dog so that you can have an enjoyable and successful hunt, with training tailored to your particular needs and desires. We limit our training to a maximum of 4 "in-kennel" dogs at a time so each dog gets plenty of individual attention.

training picture

training picture  training picture

training picture  training picture  training picture

training picture  training picture

training picture  training picture  training picture

We have excellent training grounds including several fields with a variety of cover and terrain. We also train at small and large ponds as well as some large creeks and rivers. A local hunting preserve provides realistic training with live birds. Your dogs will see plenty of waterfowl and upland birds during training.

Bird Fees: There is no charge for birds used in most of the retriever training. There can be a bird fee for extensive upland training, in which case the charges will be explained in advance.

Hunt Test Handling: There is no charge for hunt test handling other than the normal daily training rate. There is a charge for travel expense reimbursement. The charge is variable and is only the owners share of the actual expenses for the trip. Gasoline and lodging costs are included. Food costs are not included. Each owner's charge is prorated. For example, if 5 dogs are taken to a hunt test, the owner of each dog is responsible for 20% of the gasoline and lodging costs.

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